Pocket Paging

The pocket pager has been around long before cell phones bringing people important messages from friends and loved ones. Shelcomm still transmits messages over our protected network but with a twist, we can now send these messages to your cell phone as well. Please contact a representative for more information.
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SMS Text Messaging

We provide carrier class person to person SMS (P2P) messaging services including messages to supported Pagers and devices. Two way SMS through email and chat. You can use our numbers or we can enable yours. Now as an option, you can receive text based SMS messages on your wireless Pager. Our advanced web portal makes it easy change, and route your calls or messages. Please contact us for more information.

Audio & Video Conferencing

Our Hosted Audio & Video Conferencing platforms can accommodate most small, medium, or large companies, schools, groups, or families. Both platforms include a dial-in U.S. telephone number and pin code to access your conference. There are many plan levels to suite your needs with easy and fast set up with a phone call to us or login to our portal. Shelcomm makes it easy and simple to stay connected. Contact one of our sales associates or click on the link below for the HammerCall sign-up page.
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Hosted PBX

Based on the industry internet telephone standard SIP, our Hosted PBX is a fully featured license free platform that can accommodate any size company, school, group, or residence. All it takes is good Internet connectivity. There are many desktop phones available for our PBX, or you may use our free mobile phone app for both the Apple and Android platforms. Our PBX makes this very easy to configure our app. All it takes is to snap a picture of the generated QR code and within 3 seconds, you have configured and working phone. We also have a Google Chrome phone app plug-in that you also may use as a desktop replacement IP Phone. One of the main benefits of our platform is on-net calling. what that means is you can call any of your extensions anywhere in the world as long as they have a non blocked Internet connection, on-net, anytime for free, for as long as you want. On-Net means the call stay's in our PBX only and not out to the Public Telephone Network. This is just one of the many things we can do. It also have Video and Chat. Contact a sales associate for more information about our exciting PBX and the money you can save.
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DID Telephone Numbers

We have DID Telephone Numbers from most locations in the U.S. and can bring in your existing ones. All numbers support voice, fax and SMS Messaging. All numbers include caller ID. With our sister company, we can deliver voice number services in bulk. All are transported by SIP trunking to locations of your choice and with flexible payment options. Please contact us for more information and speak to a representative that can help you with your needs today.
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