Advisor Pager

Pocket Paging

The pocket pager is the Grandaddy of the communications world and is still the defacto standard for hospital and professional communication needs where the message just has to get there now.

Quick, fast, and reliable,the pocket pager has not changed much since it was introduced back in the late seventies but we've put some new life into the old boy. We've integrated SMS text messaging into our network so that when messages are sent to your pager number, you'll receive them on both your cell phone and your Shelcomm pocket pager. So now when your out of your cell phone range (inside a building), you'll receive the message over your pager.

For years the only way to dispatch to a pager was to call the number from a phone (numeric only), or call an answering service to type the message for you. Shelcomm gives you some easy choices to dispatch such as send a standard SMS text message from any SMS enabled cell phone or log into our website and send one from there. It's never been easer to send alphanumeric messages. If your a hospital, or other type of professional organization you can license our web portal software for use on your own website.

Shelcomm also supports an easy to program API that will allow you to integrate your own messaging sender software. The old Granddad's got a few tricks left.

So contact us for more information about our products and services using the link below to our contact us page and ask for Granddad Mike.
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