Voip Class Software Solutions

We are a business class solutions provider. Your telephone calls are are everything to your business's financial well being. Our VoIP core software is built from robust open source projects that have years of deployment. This translates into a class of carrier grade software products that will hold up to the riggers of heavy daily use, and will be worry free for years to come. We use what we build so we can safely recommend them without worry to our clients. These products are feature rich and can efficiency handle the call loads with very low CPU resources. This saves you money!

Small and Large Office Hosted PBX Solutions

Now including support for Google Voice. With the power and cost savings of open source, Shelcomm can set up your company with a full featured hosted PBX system in our private cloud that can make and receive calls with your choice of providers including Google. This system is not locked down and can be scaled from a small growing company to a company with 1000's of lines. You can even include cell phones in the mix of extensions. And best of all you don't have to buy it. Please contact us for more information about this exciting product.

Voice Mail Platforms

Shelcomm can build your organization a Carrier Class Voice Mail Platform. You can choose the platform that best fits your needs from a single mail box to Multiple Mail Box's from a single dialed number. Platforms include individual time zones, mail sent to email, and playback options. The system can scale to millions of boxes and messages. Optional T1 cards can be added to make this a PSTN Voice Mail Server. Please call for more information.

VoIP Telephone Subscriber Registrar System

Again as stated above, reliability. Our SIP based Voip Telephone Subscriber Registrar System allows you to offer feature rich carrier grade telephone services without per subscriber licensing and include Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Three-Way Calling, inbound and outbound routing, and much much more. This fully independent VoIP Platform includes a Subscriber Registrar that is capable of supporting to over 1 million accounts* , all SQL driven and controlled with an easy to use web interface for account management and setup. A a wide range of industry standard Codec's are supported including H264 Video. Yes, Video phone support is natively built in. Included, is an auto provisioning module for the Grandstream line of VoIP telephone devices making this a very affordable solution for any growing Celec or an ISP. Servers can be outfitted with T1 trunk interfaces allowing integration with the PSTN and gateways may be stacked for more capacity. Options: The codec's G729a, G723, and a multi reseller module may be ordered as well. There are no limits on the number of channels or subscribers you may have in the software. It's only limited by available bandwidth and physical hardware such as hard drives. By utilizing our Co-Lo facility, available bandwidth won't be an issue as well. *Numbers and processing limits based on server size.

Calling Card Platform

We offer a feature rich multilingual Calling Card Platform that can be a standalone server or be integrated with our Telephone Subscriber Registrar server listed above. Based on VoIP, this flexible platform supports least cost routing based upon the dialed digits. The Sql database is very flexible giving you the ability to charge users in a verity of ways. Routes and rates can be imported in on the fly with no interruption of calls. Rates are imported from a standard comma delimited text document created from any spread sheet like Microsoft Excel. The monies and remaining time on the card are played on each call or can be turned off informing the card user or not of their status. A low-on-money reminder prompt is played at 1 minute and 30 second mark to give the caller time to finish before the real time call monitor cuts the call. If used, the built in Fee Engine can deduct charges before, during, after, or weekly from cards on a per user basis by fixed amount or percentage. Records can be globally changed on the fly. Cards can be recharged with more money via Pay-Pal, credit card, or vouture system and has a built in web interface. An API is built in for your web designers to link to it from your web site. This system is scalable to over millions pins. Pin-Less Pre-Paid (see below) is built in along with many more features. Please call for more information.

Pin-Less Prepaid Option

The calling card system above has a built in optional Pin-Less authentication system that allows you to use the caller ID of a caller to be used in place of the pin. This system is great for pre-paid long distance or international dialing making it easy for a customer to keep coming back to you for more recharges.

Call Back Option

For those telephone companies that give free incoming calls to their subscribers but charge huge outbound dialing per minute fees, our calling card platform above has a built in call back system that allows it to call back a caller based on their caller ID allowing them to use their free inbound minutes to our system. By not incurring any additional charges for their outbound calls, the customer will keep coming back to you for more and more recharges.